Infinite intelligence for
a finite urban world


The Ognio Effect (OfX)

Ognio technology powers safe, ethical and trustworthy local social networks

  • 1.

    Ognio uses trust-tech to create a place that promotes and facilitates community involvement.

  • 2.

    Gamification sparks engagement through actions that build and store your reputation to be used as a social currency.

  • 3.

    Ognio uses data-driven interconnectedness to create a problem solving community that shares and stores information.

  • 4.

    This new connected community atmosphere attracts high value tenants and creates a sense of belonging.

Get ready for a
change in real estate

Evolution Started
Technology, Social networks, Big data, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Shared economy, and even Robotics have started to affect how people and the physical space they occupy evolves.
Core drivers
of change
Technology will evolve

The opportunity to access information that previously couldn’t be accessed through IoT, AI, Big data analytics, processes change is allowing us to connect and grow like no other point in history

What makes Ognio
the catalyst of change
Our proprietary AI driven algorithm builds smart decentralised trust distribution networks that lead to intelligent ecosystems.
social atrophy
Paradoxically, in a world of technological connection, there is a deficiency in simple human social interactions which translates to a loss of trust, knowledge, authenticity and naturally occurring social mechanics.

What makes us unique


By embedding itself Ognio enables healthy social networks and maintains them through the continued strengthening of human interactions.

Hyperlocal focused

The app is just the beginning

Place your space on the network

  • Simple

    No extra work required. Setup is easy.
  • Effortless

    It maintains itself and gets better over time.
  • Frictionless

    No complex hardware, it’s self sufficient.
  • Free

    You heard right. Try Ognio in your space for free.
Users become a part of safe
and secure trust driven
Drive Communities

Ognio app is a social sensor

The app allows for accessing real-life data and information, therefore, creating insights and knowledge that can be reintroduced to improve the network.

Trust Algorithm

It actively and intelligently creates authentically connected trust networks based on social and behavioral science and cutting edge technologies.

Self sufficient, grows with the community

Beyond the screen impact connecting people, spaces and communities resulting in greater wellbeing.

  • We’ll build
    the foundation
    Trust is the foundation of future transactions, with Ognio central to its curation, development and distribution
  • We’ll unify cities and
    the people within
    An open conversation between
    all layers of the built world
  • We’ll facilitate
    sustainability and resilience
    Allowing the coordination necessary to tackle major challenges that cities will face in the future
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